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French Linen

Flower Road’s French Linen Perfume Mist is a perfect mix of stress reducing essential oils that bring the comforting smell of fresh laundry. Spray your jeans and pillow cases before ironing to enhance the freshness of cotton. This spray is safe to use on the skin so spritz yourself anytime of day to bring forth a moment of calm.


8 fl oz

Price: $28.

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Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields is an enticing blend of 3 different lavandula essential oils combined to create the experience of walking thru the fields of southern France. Bring forth the memories of a fresh European country home as you spray your linens each morning before making your bed. At night pull back the refreshed sheets and slip into the magic.


8 fl oz

Price: $28.

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Flower Road products are free from artificial colors and fragrances, toxins, synthetics and GMOs.

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