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At the core of Flower Road is a dedication to quality and education. Aside from her skincare line and personal aromatherapy practice, Michelle is committed to teaching both professionals and nonprofessional individuals, sharing with them her extensive naturopathic knowledge garnered from years of experience and study in Hippocratic Aromatherapy.

A natural and gifted teacher, Michelle conducts certified continuing education classes for professionals in Hippocratic Aromatherapy. She travels throughout the United States providing seminars and workshops for massage therapists, massage schools and spas dedicated to quality education.

Michelle is also available for onsite wellness seminars and workshops of all sizes. Michelle has developed a range of nonprofessional classes designed for anyone who wants to learn about European-inspired, clinical aromatherapy for daily use. Whether you want to educate your staff on preventative health and productivity using aromatherapy, or you’re planning a bridal party and dream of concocting a fragrant aphrodisiac, choose Flower Road classes for an engaging, fun, and customizable experience.

At Flower Road, we believe an investment in wellness education is time well spent.



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