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Les Ancients

Les Ancients (The Ancients), is the organic skin care line from Flower Road, developed by founder Michelle Bardwell. Her inspiration comes from research of old formulas, which include simple, plant-based ingredients that reach back 2000 years. The essence of the of line evokes the spirit of centuries past who's resurgence has come. We encourage you to take the opportunity to feel the purity and connect to an energy that has always been.

Flower Road's creams, elixirs and serums are made from the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils and carrier oils gathered from all over the world.

We never use synthetics, parabens, sulfates, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients of any kind. Our organic skin care formulations are hand-made, in small batches once a month to assure their freshness and effectiveness. When applying, take your time to work these restorative products deep into your skin nourishing and supporting cellular health. For the best shelf life, keep away from heat and light. We package responsibly and never test on animals.

Flower Road….global ingredients, hand made in the USA.

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